Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Should My Cervix Feel Before My Period How Is The Cervix Opening Suppose To Feel Up To 2 Days Before Your Period?

How is the cervix opening suppose to feel up to 2 days before your period? - how should my cervix feel before my period

My last period 28th September. My average for the period of 28-30 days. My last period of the previous 28 days was only. From today, 28 days have passed since the beginning of my last period.

My question is: How open cervix should be, before you start your period? Something does not feel like a top, the kind of half way, but I do not feel free. Ive had three children, before, after reading information on the web, you can always feel free, but may be closed earlier if I had children.

We had sex on 12 October and 16. Started 13-17 days after my period. Ive been tired lately, with the cervical mucus and off. And Dizzy was IVE.

I wonder what the position and the neck should be before your period? Or, if you are pregnant? Thank you!

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